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Cisco Webex - Outlook integration issue

 Cisco Webex - Outlook integration issue

  1. Close MS Outlook and Cisco Webex.
  2. Open Registry Editor (regedit.msc) and navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\IM Providers
  3. Remove Cisco Jabber folder and all items with name like "Cisco Jabber".
    NOTE: Don't remove and don't change "Cisco Spark" folder.
  4. Close Registry Editor.
  5. Then you need to register integration .dll:
    1. Run cmd.exe AS ADMINISTRATOR
    2. Navigate to c:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Programs\Cisco Spark\dependencies

    3. Enter command regsvr32.exe /s spark-windows-office-integration.dll

    4. Close cmd.exe
  6. Start Cisco Webex.
  7. Start MS Outlook.
  8. Check integration feature.
Note : If webex was installed from official site, then path is с:\Users\<YOURUSERNAME>\AppData\Local\Programs\Cisco Spark\dependencies
Else if webex was deployed by SCCM (or installed from Software Center), then path is с:\ProgramFiles\Cisco Spark\dependencies


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