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Windows 7 Cool Feature - Problem Steps Recorder

Windows 7 Cool Feature - Problem Steps Recorder (PSR)      
                        Windows 7 comes with a utility named PSR (Problem Steps Recorder) that records the
steps you’ve taken on the computer automatically including mouse clicks. You can use
these recordings to speed up issues when you’re dealing with tech support.
Problem Steps Recorder can be used to automatically capture the steps performed by a
user on a  computer, including a text description of where they clicked and a picture of
the screen during each click. This capture is then automatically saved to a file that can be
used  by  a  support  professional  to  help  the  user  troubleshoot  the  issue  or  understand
what steps were taken by the user.

Steps :
o  Click Start Click Run  or (Win + R) to open Run Command.
o  Type PSR  and Press Enter.
o  Problem Steps Recorder toolbar will appear.
o  To Start the capture simply press on the “Start Record” button:
o  Now whatever you do on your computer it will be recorded  in snaps as well
as text.
o  To Stop recording simply press “Stop Record” button.
o  You will be prompted to save the resulting ZIP file:
o  Write the name of the file and save it on the desktop or any location.
o  Now extract the compressed file by right click extract all option.
o  A Problem.mht file will be there in the extracted folder.
o  Now open the file in internet explorer.
o  Snaps including text and timings of all events will be there in that file.
o  By  default, PSR will record only 25 screenshots, but this can be changed to
any number. Click on the small down-arrow next to the help icon, and then
select Settings
o  In  any  case,  PSR  is  more  than  just  a  screenshot  capturing  tool.  Besides
automating the capturing of what’s going on the screen, it will also highlight
the user’s mouse clicks, and, most importantly, will provide a detailed textual
metadata with a description of what the user is doing.


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