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HACK any PC on a LAN

HACK any PC on a LAN Note: This guide is only for knowledge purpose

In this topic i am going to tell you how to hack a PC on a Local Area Network(LAN).
A LAN is a computer network covering a small physical area, like a home, office, or small groups of buildings, such as a school, or an airport. The whole process of inter connecting computers in such a small physical area is called as Local Networking.
In a Local Networks we can share files, folders, local web server or play game.
we can list all online user in LAN with help of command "net view"

"net view > pclist.txt" Command save list of alive computer name in a file called pclist.txt inside current directory.
But I will not recommend this method because if any user has chosen Private Network instead of Home Network or have turned off Network Discovery then his PC name will not show in the Network.
To discover number of online user in network simply use IP Scanner. There are many free IP scanner available on internet like Angry IP Scanner,Advance IP Scanner etc.
you can get Advance IP Scanner from this link

Suppose "arif" is computer name we are using have an IP address
suppose we scanned our Local Area Network, and after scanning our Network we found 10 hosts alive, We are not interested in all of the 10 hosts, rather we are interested in Hacking MANU's computer.
With the help of advance IP Scanner which resolves the PC name display the corresponding IP address, so after resolving host names of all computer we found a computer named "MANU" and has the IP address
Packet Sniffing tools help you to hack MANU's computer.
Sniffing is the method in which you spy all the network packets, and analyze the network traffics
A packet sniffer, referred as a network monitor or network analyzer, can be used legitimately by a network or system administrator to monitor and troubleshoot network traffic.
But a sniffer can also be used illegitimately to capture data being transmitted on a network.
Hackers use these tools to steal data flown across the network, hackers can capture all the packets transmitted through the network, and analyze the contents. Sniffers can log the Email user-name and passwords, Cpanel Passwords, Bank passwords etc some famous sniffing tools are Cain and Abel, Ettercap, Wireshark, Ethereal etc, these softwares are available to download on internet, and all these are freeware.
just search from Google you will get many sniffing tools.To get "cain and abel" tool click on this link
we not only hack MANU's PC but also monitor internet activity like which site she often visits etc.
with help of "Cain and Abel" from which has several good features like Sniffing, Arp poisoning, MITM, Hash Cracking(Dictionary + Rainbow Table) Windows NTLM password cracking etc.

To understand features of "cain and abel" tool look at this video

we can monitor few sites which MANU's visits, and may be we can get user-name and password of some sites, but we will have a problem in Hacking MANU's Hot mail, Yahoo, Facebook etc, and that is because Cain and Abel does not sniff packets sent over Secure Sockets Layer(SSL).

We can still sniff SSL packets by using some other tools, the best tool i would recommend you is Ettercap, It is also available for Unix system.To understand features of Ettercap watch this video (size 317mb )

If this Dose not work find open ports in MANU's PC, then Enumerate the Service, find vulnerable service, Exploiting Vulnerable service, Privilege escalation.


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